Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Child of Her Family

Once upon a time, hugs were generous in the young family, given with genuine sincerity. Grace others with love, they had taught her, followed by a broad smile, a word of gratitude, and never to own a foul mouth. Give as you would receive, they taught her too. One for him, and the other for her - one was selfish, two were to be shared. Those were lessons of gold given to her.
In a small rural town of Borneo where she once lived, hunting was a game of sport - guns and
parangs were tools of gold and victory. Here forth, she was trained never to fear lizards nor bats for they were served as gourmet to be savoured with a bon apetite. But, as days wore on, these blades paraded an evil glitter on the family's table. Darkness loomed over the house's shelter, and rain began to pour from the sky.
Yet as she grew, time continued to consume her. Hate your Mum, he taught her. Hate your dad, she taught her. In arrogance, he taught her a lesson to be learnt by her while she taught her a lesson to be learnt by him - none was willing to give in, burnt with pride. Words were spoken, heard and bottled. Like a needle poked from inside her, she was punctured, and juggled to gasp for air. She was no superwoman, indeed.
A second-hand smoker, a headstrong temper, a pro-alcoholic... she was made. As love overflew from the heart of a child, hatred drenched all of her. Sown with love, grown with weeds: the imperfections of a fallen generation.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Innocent Faith

A sheltered roof where witches glared through the windows... where sensitive ears and watchful eyes gleaned through the shadows beneath their door, she taught her the power of the cross. Such was the faith from the heart of a child. Innocent as they were, they both believed; there was One who was greater.

Jesus said, "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."
(Matthew 18:3)
Faith buried by questions, wallowed in a pool of doubt.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Broken Vessel

One night in 2008, she sat next to the aisle of a church. Somewhere inside her, her heart fluttered with delight. She could not understand; she could not tell; there was this inexpressible joy that await to lift her up. All that surrounded her, she searched slow. Nothing was found, nothing was revealed. Vain, she thought, smiling off that flicker of hope.
In that very moment of silent retreat, ...

A synchronized orchestra of piano strings played the Wedding Song. As if He lifted her head up with His hand, she looked up. That nailed hand touched her. She backed, gripped by transgressions. Unfit for, she felt herself cry. He smiled, offered His hand. She looked, long at it.
So long her eyes stared at His hand, indecisive. Staring, still staring, her gown dubbed with dusts; the bells worn cracks of faithful ringing.
Vibrant as it was yesterday, yet a stiff statue at liberty... broken and drained was her vessel.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Jesus Loves the Boys

She sang Jesus Loves Me. They were amused and applauded generously. Despite that, just as she was volunteering herself to the song, they were not as generous as she was singing it. They bleated like discontented goats.
Jesus Loves Me, yes I know,
Cause the bible tells me so,
Little children come to Him,
They are weak but He is strong.
Like a shepherd, she drove them. Boy, did they improved mooing more like cows this time. :)
Yes, Jesus loves me,
Yes, Jesus loves me,
Yes, Jesus loves me,
Cause the bible tells me so.
The past, the present and the future, He is the Alpha and Omega. He loves them all.
11 Lives + 1 Love = 11 Testimonies

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not Her Own

She's angry. She's frustrated. She's scared.

She stared long at the hands he gave her, "What can I do with these?" Knowing she couldn't make a change, she lost heart. Tears trickled down from her cheeks. She looked at the people around her, happy and glee. She looked at herself; mine's different.
She read His words: I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you. (Genesis 28:15)
He knows her more than she knows her own.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Angels Sing

She stepped into the sanctuary as if she was brought there by chance, a garland of grace embraced her with warmth and love. The church had bowed their heads in prayers. Some murmured their hearts out, pouring words after words. Others clasped their hands tight. In faith they believed and not by sight. She was humbled.
She couldn't pray at all that night. Her thoughts rummaged through her brain. Her throat itched forcing her to cough every ten seconds. She pulled on. She prayed, but coughed, prayed and coughed; she coughed more than she had prayed. The spirits overpowered her and made her shiver; the sentiments infected her from the nose down her throat like a wave. It made her cough all the more. Suddenly, a vain voice shot her right through the heart, "You are very disturbing." She was flung towards a sea of guilt and sunk to rock bottom.
"Why have I come to be someone else' frustration?" She refrained to pour. She inhaled and swallowed hard. It threatened to make her cough all the more. It was right at that very moment, they sang Hallelujah. She coughed loud. But, they sang louder. It was beautiful, magnificent, wonderful, majestic and ... beyond comprehension.

How small is it pain compared to the number of blessings receive everyday? She knew she had been blessed abundantly.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Black Doll

The black fella with a set of white teeth
, his friend once described him. So small and skinny was he that could twist a belt round that waist at least twice! He looked like a lost doll from WonderLand. He had skin so fine and smooth, he would be a shame to Barbie. His eyelashes curled with pride above those shining eyes of his. Needless to say, his hair fluttered just as the same. And, that just gave him the extra credits for being adorably appealing.

This exotic figure however often not appeared lingering at places most expected. He was seen missing at where he should be, and loitering elsewhere he shouldn't be. He was as mischievous as a monkey. If Darwin's theory of evolution fit this world, it's clear evident that his ancestors were ape. Delightfully, the Word nullified Darwin's idea, and this little fellow was loved abundantly by the Father.
His life spoke not of riches - a big house nor a big car. Having to leave a mother's nest from young to cuddle the embrace of a new home, his was marred. But, in him was a strong man. He was all joy though he was not the world. Miss "Ballet", he would tease, but that just drunk her with joy; even the morning glory would bloom by night. So little of him had she known, yet so much had he shown.
Indeed, he was a gem, an unknown treasure that glowed humbly in a chest of rocks.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

She Spells Best Friend

She's a girl from Primary Three,
A friendly girl indeed is she,
Though separated from class alike,
Her heart stays close with all her might.

Badminton is a game she plays,
She's quick learner in pool she flares,
Gym, tennis, squash as oft' can be,
No doubt fit as a flea is she.

It's true her skins ain't white as snow,
Her heart's as pure as gold can glow,
Still a friend said she cooked witches' brew,
She spoke no words though it made her threw.

She love cards, chesses and eat nuts,
Brain ain't small as biggest of nuts,
Smart is she to know Albert Einstein,
No chance of her to play Frankenstein.

Remember the time cards and chess are played,
Placed almost all assets to both dismayed,
Whoever could be a fool by the end?
Bulged out stomach with laughter since it's game.

Kept it so hard from the eyes,
Though it's not at all a lie,
How can her friend be so blind?
Live her life without rewind.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Battle of the Kitchen

He cooks because there are no breakfast on the table. He is certain that breakfast will still be insufficient even if it has been laid. So, he cooks, with everything but the kitchen sink. Sometimes it looks so good it whet the appetite the minute it's being caught sight of. Other times, it just kills it.

She thinks he is unhygienic. Descriptions are so cruelly inscribed with adjectives that make it gruesome. No doubt the stomach loses its appetite. There are also times where she savours and finds it surprisingly good. That's when she stays silent. In spite of that, it happens only occasionally. So she cooks, usually just enough to feed everyone. But, a luscious breakfast never leaves a crumb. In other words, it never fill a hungry stomach full.
And so, in a kitchen where he cooks, and where she cooks, the battle begins.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Rabit's Story

Where he sat the very last was,
There's no concern for him to blast,
It was set, and that's how it was,
From the beginning till its last.
Laughing was he on the set,
Yet different from the rest;
Yes, he obeyed as was said,
And did his works at his best.

His heart was young like the rest,
But tamed it well to be still,
Like a puppet in distress,
But he knew what's in the bill.
He spelt Rabbit as Rabit,
Did not know how wrong he was;
Surprised was he she said it,
Note for correction he must.

Knows lil' 'bout aquariums and loves to cook,
But fish on the pan make him sick 'bout food;
He likes monkey, and so names it Berry,
Strawberry's girly, William's just Berry.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet Appetit

He sat quietly at a corner, reclining to himself. His performance did not place him in a better room; neither did him any desire to prove himself better than the others. Those desires ate away. But, he had questions, questions that were hidden within him. There were questions revolving around his minds, but he never questioned them. He let them rumbled and tumbled; he knew they would pick up answers along the way.

"Are you a Christian?" he asked with a big grin, too eager to know. And that was the question that roused interests about them all, one simple marked question. It unveiled the eyes to see, but for him, he disappeared instantly. His figure was mysteriously gone from sight, in the fields, and even from the hallways.

He was only a story from a tale with this cheeky, little gentleman who just greeted playfully. One was solemn, the other was mischievous, but those weren't exactly the vocabulary supposedly used. They had been rowing the same boat all the while.

It was in the last days, he made his reappearance. He didn't do anything extraordinary. It was just one simple act... sweets. Not giving, but asking. Whether his intention was real or purely innocent, it impacted adults with this advice: keep your words. Kids remembered them.

Since, he could often be seen from afar, sometime peeking from where he was. He would wave a Hi and went on with his daily routine. But then, he would wave again. He anticipated in a smile or a response of any kind. Almost always mistaken a 'go away' with a 'come here' annoyingly, but managed to put up a cheer. Yet, all about him were a mystery.
His friends were boys who asked questions. Friends questioned about their interests, idols and songs, almost swallowed by the material world. He had questions too, but nothing that had been asked was his. He didn’t shout nor blow his trumpet to seek the attention, he just earned it right there.
Just right at that very moment, they told me his story. He reclined quietly, and managed a smile. In him was a boy tough as old boots.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Living a Rich Life

Going home with big wheels, we never thought we would own 'such' big car with a personal driver. Our very own personal driver for each different day. Not to forget his tips and those smiles that wore a thousand words to our short-term relatives. We learnt to treasure those short moments together. Though at most times, everyone else was just too tired to share, those quiet hours were instantly pumped with encouraging spirits of each others' presence.

We learnt to cope impunctuality with patience (lots of patience) and understanding. The traffics could have sandwiched him in. Traffics could be unpredictably heavy. He usually came right in time when we least expected. Sometimes it just drove us crazy when 30 minutes became an hour. But that was just what time did to people; it changed them. It was then we started to count our blessings rather than the time.

We also learnt to walk ourselves to the door. He never dropped us straight on the spot. Daddy said the garden was too beautiful to be viewed from the mirror. He suggested a walk. He knew from the beginning we would have complained more than we would enjoy the sight. So, he made us company. So we had, she and I alone, bathing under the hot sun most of the afternoons. It didn't stop our complains. But, we positively appreciated each others' company just as much being tanned by the sun.
Home was the place we wanted to be by the end of all our everydays... ;) And that's exactly the place where we would be, every night, sweet and sound.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She Smiles

"One cheeseburger with an egg, please..." The endless orders were tormenting her. Even worse, the awful concoction from the smells of beefs, eggs and tomatoes seasoned with sweaty armpits nearly choke her to death. Her soles were killing her. But, she endured; she put up with the routine.

"Give me a Big Mac!" "Extra fries, please." "Two chicken burgers and one beef burger." "Don't want the tomatoes, thank you." She worked and worked to get more glucose burnt to pump in more energy for her muscles.

All of a sudden, numbness overwhelmed her. Time rolled on slow as a tear stream down from the corner of her eye... She missed home.

"Excuse me, Miss," a voice knocked her back. "Could you please make it fast 'cos I've got a kid out there waiting for me?!"
* * *
"The shop is having a good business," she called with good o' jolly voices. She talked about the food. She talked about the prices. She talked about her housemates. She talked about the bus... She never complained.
Finally, she hung up the phone. Tears had already welled up to a pool in her eyes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I See Love in the Church

While He was attending a train of people, She walked over and smiled. Carefully, She passed Him a biscuit while politely greeting his friends. He took a bite, and touched a man's crippled hand. "It's stiff," He said. Then, he broke his biscuits in halves, and gave it to the man.

They looked at their halves and laughed, and off they chewed to their very last bits.