Sunday, October 30, 2011

She Laid Down

What's on your mind?  she wondered.  Are you thinking the same way I do?  Tune me in to your hearts.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.  He would laugh.  Yupe, she disagreed.  Like the whole world agreed, it was never meant to be.  She could not believe she was finally giving in.  So open, for the first time, realizing it was a mistake from the very beginning.  She accepted the fault, and relinquished.  Yet, in her, she wanted to know... the secrets from within him, the secrets from within you.

He found someone, she knew.  And he loved her, she knew; he never failed to remind her.  From the first to the last, she held true to his words.  She wanted so badly to pour out, but obediently withdraw, yes, you love her.  She was his reason of no return.  

She smiled: Let me know when you do.  Still perturbed.

From him, Received.   

The Piano

The sound of piano sang songs to her.  Each note strummed her hearts, gentle as each finger carefully worked through the chords.  Each stroke whispered her warmth.  So peaceful like a lullaby, laid her down on the green, green grass, rocking and rocking her to sleep.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wake Up

"Come, have a seat."

She hated the invite.  

"Come, sit."

"Go on, sit down.  They are friends."

She could not be comforted.  The woman sitting next to her was partly talking, partly boasting, or perhaps partly seducing;  she was confused.  She cursed the man who married her.  If you answered the call, we wouldn't be sitting here with another man.  She would not forgive t-h-a-t man, the man who forfeited his duty as a husband and father.  What is a man he is made of?  

Her anger relentlessly exhausted her.  She swallowed them tear-dry.  
One hour later.  When he finally called, he asked for the car-keys.