Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tagged Proud

The world was on her shoulders.  No one made a word, no criticisms and no remarks whatsoever.  But, she had all herself to blame.  Mouths were sealed, yet eyes were haunting hungrily for her.  Everyone backed from her - that selfish, arrogant girl!

She squirmed at the thoughts.  

She felt awkward and hated it.  

"Smile, you did your best."  MY BEST - the words challenged her.  "Great performances," said another. Yet, she couldn't be convinced that others agreed.  

She blamed herself again until...

"Don't you think the only person that you talk to is the one sitting in front of you and the one sitting at the back of you?"

"You walk in, you never greet, you never talk to anyone..."    

And, she labelled sombong.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Stopped Running

You set me in on this pasture with Your wonderful creations.  Set me down, set me down, i could never understand.  I've been running all these while, running, and running pointlessly.  You look at me from high above, in a loophole i run to no ends.  You hold back tears, but never stop me.  I keep running.  And, i keep running away.  Still, you never stop me.  

I taunted and cried.  My robes were stained.  I...       

Her feet gave in.  

... have to stop running.  I Love You.

Her Destiny, Her Battle

Loves all around unceasingly pampered her with comfort.  Like a bundle of joy, a pat on the head coupled with gentle remarks never seemed to detach nor single her out from their lives.  Though one by one went on separate ways, they continued to bring her joy.  

If she had a choice, she chose not.  By a destiny clung to her chest, she fought every temptations that came into her ways.  Defeated, and yet, defeated day by day.  Deceived and weak, she was. 
She wiped away in tears. I will be a conqueror one day.