Monday, August 29, 2011

To Be Loved

Discussion changed, from courtship to marriage because everybody found love.  School lives were yesterdays.  She can't make it tonight; she's having a date with her boyfriend.  It was all so natural.  She could only laugh to herself.

She couldn't understand.

Why was it so easy to be head over heels over somebody?

You met, you talked, then you fell in love.  It wasn't complicated at all.  It wasn't complicated, yet the easiest of ways seemed the hardest for her.  

She caught up herself falling and falling for colours so exotic, she would not give up, almost detaching herself from this world which she was familiar with.  But every once in a while, reality came in, challenging her out of her wits.

Where does this lead you?  Inside was desperation and passion at war.  She fought for every impossibilities... for she knew how it felt like to be loved by a Father. 

Yet, life moved on, separating possibilities from the impossibilities.     

Fighting Limelight

What's man without a beer?!  A night without a sip, especially in front of others??  That's just not man enough.  

And, he could elaborate to you on the details.

His rationales were extravagantly the opposites.  Nothing could help him lower his blood pressures, not even those highly-priced tablets from doctors.  Only Guinness did.  He had the scariest record, and he experienced the weirdest miracle.  No one had been as critical as he was.  What had we... even doctors placed me under strict supervision.

What's the fight of the century?  To be man enough to know all?  

The evil stepmother and her mirror were a history. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beautiful World

She looked at the pictures, so full of life and warmth.  How wonderful it is to be in the arms of God!  She thought.  People to whom she was detached from, was springing forth with life.  You bless them... of all the people close to her.  To be blessed in the house of the Lord is to serve the Lord.  And I... she left His house.  

She smiled and sighed, how innocently I once believed.  Be it Wendy in Peter Pan, or Alice in Wonderland, she bold them all.  I would climb the tallest beanstalk to the heaven in the sky... all because she believed.  She smiled and sighed.  Her thoughts drifted off to Wonderland, a world of lifeless fantasies.  

Who am I, Lord?  The black sheep bleated to the silence of the night.  Unheard.