Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Piano

The little piano in her head played.  Melodious as it was, pleasing to the ears.  She closed her eyes... 

"I'm not going to sleep, am I?"

Writer's Block

Another entry submitted, she was delighted - happier than ever.  She wouldn't mind revisiting while waiting for the statistics to peak.  She was anxious, but patiently anticipated.  Even when it was already midnight, she hesitantly checked one last time before residing to lay on the bed.

The bed was soft and comfortable.  Yet, the very moment she closed her eyes, a splurge of uneasiness sparked from within.  Something inside were not clearly transcript to words.  She arranged her thoughts but a solution could not be resolved.  She was displeased and not encouraged.

Thoughts, and emotion, passion, and action.  Her head was dizzy.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ding Dong Bells

Your image became a memory,
Your words painfully erased,
To leave all behind.

Life didn't start over,
Life started on a new page,
Ghastly and whitely-washed,
If only colours would paint.

The first stroke was difficult,
Colours marked undecidedly,
But t'was a new page,
Stories unfold beyond expectation.

And there, you returned,
You took me by surprise,
All that were lost haunt back,
Healing pains taunted wounds.

The piano strummed your song,
Tickling down an adrenaline rush,
Before the first hymn played,
Holding tears finding strengths.

Our songs, Our vows,
Our hands, Our hearts,
Our tears, Our joys,
Engraved on the stones.