Monday, April 1, 2013

Hands Write Stories

Sixteen entries in a month, beyond her expectation - the task, not easy.  She was cracking brains, and squeezing words, but as the lines pursued, they flow like a river.  She was happy she made time to pen down experiences of each heartaches.  The grumblings were heartbreaking but healing came as she pondered upon each situation carefully.  

From the time she was so sad and angry she wanted to scream but didn't, she could still feel her throat trembled in pain.  And the time when she wanted to throw everything up but resisted, her hands shivered feebly.  She were always the weaker ones, but things could go so wrong, if, she fought back.  It wasn't right, and it shouldn't be that way.  

She didn't always make the right decision, maybe never, that was how she had been told.  She sometimes reflected upon the things she did and wondered how things had gotten so wrong.  Why did it happen when it shouldn't happen in the first place?  These were all stories.  Stories she had to unravel as she encrypted the tattoos imprinted on her.   

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