Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dear Life

I remember the day I cursed you with my own lips,
It leaves me always wondering if it's just too much,
When words spill out, I just can't control,
It goes on and on, and sting like bees.

Their eyes are wide, they let me know,
I am bemused when i fool you in,
Even when words arranged are contextually wrong,
I know you'd be merciful to turn me in.

The days went on guiltless and innocent,
I am so bored, tired, and restless,
Until you hit me and my world went dark,
I became dumb, wordless, and grieved for grace.

Dear Life,
I couldn't bear to see you standing next to my dead body,
You grip me closely that i have a chance to breathe,
I'd run a thousand miles, trembling in fear, and scared,
Death takes me away with no goodbyes.

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