Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chasing Clouds

It had been a week now, and the anger had not subsided.  The people spoke their minds boldly and generous.  The voices were radioactively red.  People were hurling insults at each other.  There were so much hatred in conversations, which almost always ended with heated debates.  

She felt secluded.  Maybe she had been away from the society for far too long, the dilemma was too far-stretched for her understanding.  She wondered if she had made the right choice for the choices had been too confusing to be precisely correct.  What's fair and what's right?  Even the powerhouse which she had always turned to was preaching words against her beliefs.  What are they preaching? What have they heard?  The thoughts confused her.

Nation fought against nation.  Even without weapons of mass destruction, demolition was done through horrible quotes of the mouths.  The beautiful languages of the forefathers were monopolized and abused.   The voices represented who we are, yet it was foul and deprived of intelligence.  The society was broke. 

Where's trust and unity?  Where's faith and hope?  

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