Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Plague

She sat on the barren land wondering how things had come to pass.  Her feet exhausted from all the wanderings, her brain clogged with dilemmas, issues she wanted to erase.  The flaws were resurfacing.  When morning came, distastefulness no longer lurked in shadows.  However ugly things were, they would be revealed. 

Her hair turned grey.

She recalled of things that she failed to accomplish.  Tomorrow crept on like forever.  Words of empty promises were far less convincing.  Vulgarity remained vain and meaningless.

She heard voices in her head.  Voices with words too many to understand.  Instructions were easier to follow than to scrutinized the rationale of ideas delivered.  The voices of angels and demons were no longer significant.  Who's who?

She had made bad choices.  Years of education had fed her enough intelligence to distinct the right from wrong.  In spite of that, the slightest of mistakes were seemingly acceptable.  The comfort of making mistakes were slowly fitting her appetite.

God remained quiet.  Her cries echoed in the loneliest of night.  The night responded with nothing but silence.  The stars hang up above the sky shining ever so brightly in their innocence.  Or perhaps maybe, after a hangover, they spoke nothing of hope, faith and love. 

Thus, this series of unfortunate events would follow like a passing river, never ending, never ceasing.  Its tagline was plagued with curses.  

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