Saturday, June 8, 2013

Books and Characters

Countless sleepless nights buried in books descended from the forefathers - the fathers of sciences and maths unfathomed by times and ages.  The contents never ceased but continued to astound men of varied generations.  

She remembered reading to herself, reasoning and convincing facts to stick up as much as she could in that tiny brain of hers.  Someone once quoted, "My brother's a genius.  I wish I could fold him up and put him in my pockets."  She laughed remembering that brainiac.  Just as much as she wanted to, he said "Study Hard".  She remembered each words said to the end of their meanings however simple and stupid they sound.

Study's not about learning mad-scientists ideas, cramming theories and formulae of disorganized patterns.  Instead, patterns were carefully observed and studied, which somehow were organized in manners which left men in wonders for centuries.  

Hypotheses were written with immense curiousity, experimented with enthusiastic energy, observed with delicate eyes, refined by knowledge and experience and shared generously among generations.  

Dear students, inertness, thus a character, forbid you of exciting chain reactions.  Explode and be a star.


  1. Teacher, the ability to think, not just rote memorization, is crucial for the sciences. I miss my teachers. What was your school life like?

  2. The teachers were less than animating while delivering their lectures, but facts never bored us. I could spend a day to be a clown just to help my students understand, and all they see were lame jokes and bad criticisms. I enjoyed being a student, but they seemed otherwise.

  3. " I could spend a day to be a clown just to help my students understand, and all they see were lame jokes and bad criticisms"

    Yeah, teachers like this makes learning fun. I remember facts from the silliest of thoughts and mental depictions. If I could just go back and experience Chemistry, Biology, History and English (yes, English) lessons once more.

    I'm sure there's at least one who appreciates, and learn from, the "lame joke" -- and one is more than enough :) Keep it up, Belle!

    Our students now think that their goal is to pass exam, not the process towards that. Sad but that's how it is. And I don't even know where to start pointing fingers at.