Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Few Good Men

The men pulled their way to the seats at the table while grinning away wittingly.  She was surprised of their behaviours and stared into the moment with eyes wide.  Neither of the men were surprised at all.  They carefully seated themselves, and along came another, and another, and finally... she studied the last behaviour to digest correctly.  She was all confused, even when the old ones started to converse.  

The conversation was ungenuine and awkward.  She didn't like the lie that was about to unfold before her.  It didn't made her feel comfortable at all.  The woman who betrayed her avoided eye contact.  She knew exactly what was happening.  She had no second thought, but was attempting to dart anytime.  

As rude as she could be, she responded poorly.  The lie betrayed her and she hated it.  Does it matter how I feel?  She couldn't make the sense out from the person in whom she trusted the most.  I trusted you and that I was looking forward for a day well-spent but you took me in like your toy.  She was both angry and disappointed.  She didn't know how she should respond.

Dear parents, there were very few wonderful men.  Your son was one of them.  Do not feel obliged for i am not the one you'd feel most welcomed at your home.  Your son is capable of making the right choice.  Let him choose from among the ones he loves. 

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